When you use the Open Author tool to create an educational resource, you are able to import materials that you had previously created in Word from OneDrive. OneDrive is a free web-based application in which documents can be created, edited and stored online.

We recommend using the OneDrive Import feature rather than adding a URL link to your OneDrive within a resource for a few different reasons:

  • This feature makes it easy for educators to share resources they've built in Word in a remixable format, with the added value of the platform's powerful version tracking.
  • You needn't worry about the permissions associated with your Word Document

Note: You must have a Windows account to import documents from OneDrive.

Import your Word Document

Once you have started building a resource, you can import a Word document from OneDrive.

  1. If you already have content in your resource you would like to keep, click the Add New Section link. If you do not add a new section, the import will overwrite your existing content. You will not be able to use the "Undo" button to revert this change. 
  2. Click the Import OneDrive Word Document link at the bottom of the editing window.
  3. Click the Allow button to allow the platform to retrieve documents from your OneDrive account. The platform cannotaccess all of your documents - you specify only the ones that you allow to import.

a. Scroll through the list to find the document you would like to import.

b. Click or check the button to select the document.

c. Click the Open button.

The content of your document is imported into the text field where you can edit the resource directly in the Open Author tool. Once you are satisfied with your imported document, the next step is to describe and publish your resource.  

It is recommended that you save and preview the resource once you have imported your document. Some formatting options are not supported and you may want to change the formatting for the best presentation in the platform. 

If your document does not import, or some formatting is incorrect via import, you can try to copy and paste into the editing window. In certain cases this may be a better option to transfer content to Open Author. 

Note: Only importing Word Documents is supported at this time.